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NFTsbuilders handle all the complicated steps in creating & converting your files into NFTs and selling them. You showcase your NFT project to your community and get 80% of the profits.

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about us

NFTsbuilders are a consultancy company that helps you convert your project into an NFT. We handle every step of the conversion and marketing process.
At NFTsbuilders, we understand that the NFT marketplace can be a confusing one, especially for people who are new to the market. With our expertise, we help our clients launch their NFT projects with minimal effort and guaranteed maximum success. The NFTsbuilders team is filled with capable and experienced NFT consultants, the best in the market.
Since our inception, we have launched 70 successful NFT projects and are the first choice for creatives all over the world.

Our services are free to use and we charge a small percentage as commission.

Our mission is to reduce the entry barrier into the NFT marketplace, enabling creatives to list their projects on the NFT marketplace with guaranteed success.


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Confused about what to launch as an NFT?

Anyone with a community can own and sell an NFT.

The original masters, stems, or the recordings of a song can be sold as  NFTs. You can choose to create one collectible or several collectibles of your files as NFTs.

As a celebrity with a community or a large following, you can choose to sell exclusive pictures, videos or media of memorable experiences as an NFTs.

Models can sell exclusive photographs of themselves to their fans and followers as NFTs.

Athletes with large followings and dedicated fans may sell original artwork, highlight clips from games, or personalised GIFs as NFTs.


At NFTsbuilders, we have a curated list of services to fit your needs. Each one of the services we offer is curated for your needs. We help you with:

Nft Creation

At NFTsbuilders, we help with the conversion of your files to unique NFTs. We help you mint your project and help you program royalty clauses or include unlockable content if you wish.

Nft Marketplace Development

We help you develop a website for you to sell your NFTs. If you do not want to list your NFT project on a currently existing marketplace, we help you build a marketplace that gives your followers and customers an enjoyable buying experience.

Nft Promotion

In line with our commitment to making your project a success, NFTsbuilders help you promote your projects when they are listed. With our wide reach and presence in several communities, we can help you promote your NFTs to a range of audiences which leads to more sales.


The NFTsbuilders team consists of artists who can help you design, upload and list your artwork for sale as an NFT.


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NFTs are the future of web3 although that future is a bit complicated and confusing. With NFTsbuilders, the process was simple. Everything was easy and fun to do.

Snoop Dogg


Rick Welts

Each member of the NFTsbuilders team is incredibly professional and bring the best ideas to the table.

Rick Welts

Gary Vaynerchug

My partnership with NFTsbuilders was straightforward. There was no hassle when working with them.

Gary Vaynerchug

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